Christ Consciousness – All Love

Many years ago on one of my trips to visit the energetic vortex area of Sedona, Arizona, my friends and I decided to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross while there.

Actually, it was my idea to go to the chapel. Prior to leaving on the trip I had been researching sacred sites in Sedona on the Web and up popped information on the chapel. It is a vortex site visited by many every year. As I read the information, I felt that we needed to go there for the benefit of someone in the group. I knew we didn’t need to go there for me, because though I had been raised a Catholic, I had separated myself from the church and religion in general as a teenager.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross located in Sedona, Arizona. Stock media by VWalakte/

We arrived at the entrance to the chapel in our car and drove up the long, paved road as it curved up and around to the parking lot. As we walked to the chapel, I took in the beauty of the mountain that it is built on and felt the high energy of the area.

The chapel is small, with a beautiful view through the floor-to-ceiling window behind the altar. In the pews sat a dozen people or so, sitting quietly, listening to the softly playing spiritual music coming through the speakers.

I hadn’t planned on sitting, or staying long at all in the chapel for that matter, so I found a place to stand at the back leaning against a railing. As I stood there listening to the music lost in my thoughts, I suddenly felt a strong energy come into me from the top of my head that made my body vibrate. I was overcome with emotion, with the feeling of love, and tears spilled from my eyes because of its intensity.

Feeling the need to sit, I found a seat at the back of the chapel where I spent some time experiencing what I knew to be Christ Consciousness. The love I was experiencing was overwhelming. Not only did I feel it as me, but I felt it and saw it everywhere I looked in that chapel. All of a sudden I was experiencing all of the life around me as this higher consciousness, and it was all love. I felt the love of each being in that chapel, and I felt my love for them.

A man entered the chapel pushing a woman in a wheelchair before him, a woman I felt to be his wife. He chose a pew at the front of the chapel where he parked the wheelchair with his wife still in it at the end and then sat himself down next to it. Before settling in, with no communication between them, I watched him reach over to adjust the sweater his wife wore over her shoulders. It was a seemingly ordinary gesture, but I felt the intensity of his love behind it.

Eventually I left the chapel still feeling overwhelmed by what I had experienced. And then I had to laugh to myself. It turns out that my friends and I needed to go to that chapel that day for me after all.

* * * * * * * *

I was reminded of my experience at the Chapel of the Holy Cross this morning as I took my usual walk through the undeveloped area around my home. As I communed with my team of light and did some light work for the Earth and humanity, I was overcome with love, and the beauty of it brought tears to my eyes.


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