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Soon after hearing in a message that what I have come to Earth to do is build a bridge from the lower dimensional frequency of earth to the higher realms of the worlds of fairies, angels, leprechauns, etc., I began to see evidence of the truth of the message.

Before receiving the message, I had already planned a three-week trip to Glastonbury, England, a place I had visited a few times before. This time though I would plan to go to all of the nearby forests and woodlands in order to connect with the fairies, elves, sprites and all the other nature spirits and elementals. Before leaving on the trip I had compiled a list of places to visit.

Each area I visited was lush with greenery and trees, flowers, ferns, moss and toadstools of different varieties. Just the kind of places one would expect to see nature spirits. And I probably would have seen them in physical form if my inner sight was more open. As it happened though, I did see what I believe to be a sign from them that they were with me.

It was a beautifully sunny day, so my friend Linda (who lives near Glastonbury) and I got in the car and drove to the next wooded area on my list called Ebbor Gorge. The trail through Ebbor Gorge begins at the car park where it ascends gently upwards. At its highest point is an expansive view of the valley below before the trail then leads back to the car park.


DSCN1160 DSCN1166

About two-thirds of the way on the trail Linda and I stopped to rest side-by-side on boulders that were adjacent to some large green bushes that were growing alongside the trail. I was enjoying the scenery while my mind wandered, and when I glanced over at the bushes to the right of me, about seven feet from me I noticed something just above them.


As I looked closer, I saw what appeared to be a thin, curling wisp of white smoke that floated up while continuing to slowly curl around itself until it disappeared a few seconds later. I wasn’t sure what I saw, but as I stared in the air where the wisp had been, another curling wisp appeared. It curled around itself as it slowly rose up, and disappeared just as the first one had. I turned to Linda to share what I had just seen, but I didn’t have to, because she had seen them too.

I immediately thought of the fairies that I had asked to join us on our walk, and I knew that they were letting me know that they were with us. Just to be sure though, I walked over to where the wisps had appeared and shook the branches of the bush to see if I could recreate them. Of course I could not.

Maybe a month or two after I returned home from England I was working at my computer in my office. As I transcribed the audio file I was listening to, typing on my keyboard and looking at the monitor, out of the corner of my eye just above and to the left of my monitor I saw some movement. I stopped typing and focused on the movement. To my surprise and delight I saw what appeared to be a thin, white, slowly curling wisp of smoke that disappeared as it rose in the air.


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